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About Us

About Us

I created this website to enable talented young photographers to present their works and to make it easier for them to be noticed by photography companies or indirect clients of their works.
All photos available on the portal are 100% free, they can be used on any website, in any project. Some authors also provide the possibility of employment to take photos on request - here, of course, the correspondence takes place between the author and the client.

PhotoClicker no limit new photos every day and the quality of the photos is exceptional. You can search for photos using the search box.
Photos are all licensed under Creative Commons Zero, so you can pretty much use the photos as you like. These photos are taken by creatives for creatives, so expect high quality, artistic shots from stunning landscapes to enticing foodie shots.

What we can offer
01 Totally free, high resolution photos
02 Advertise of Your work and the prospect of your own clients
03 Every day new photography from all over the world
04 Fully moderated portal with free photos